Keep on "Tri"ing!

Well, I took a small leap and got back on the triathlon program.  It had been at least 5 years since I last competed so when Molly suggested we race a sprint on Key Biscayne in June, I thought, why not.  All I needed to do was swim a little more and bike some.  Running was not the issue.  With a small amount of training, I was ready to go and looked forward to race day, not really knowing exactly what to expect.

Other than losing my goggles less than 5 seconds from race start -- that never happened in more than 30 years of racing -- the day went as planned.  The course was almost the same as it had been since the 80s and all the familiar sights  and feelings came back like they never left.  In my momentary discomfort, this was a comfort to me.

Ended up 2nd in my age group by less than 10 seconds, but I was happy to be back tri-ing!

If it's been awhile since you've taken on a new -- or not so new -- challenge, what are you waiting for?  Since that day a month ago, I've incorporated swimming and biking in my running schedule and am happy I did.

See you in Transition!