The Starting Line

Welcome to the sparkly new home of Run Palm Beach.  One of the reasons we changed the design was so that we could share with you our thoughts about running and whatever else is on our minds.

So here we are at the figurative Starting Line, a place all athletes are familiar with.  It's the place we work so hard to get to.  It's the place that gets our hearts beating, no matter the event or distance.  It's the place where our journey of personal discovery begins.

A little heavy, you say?  Not so.  Think long and hard about your last handful of events and consider all the thoughts, memories and realizations that come to mind.  If you're not learning something from all this, you need to check back in and start paying attention.

We all got into the active lifestyle for the same -- but different -- reasons.  What got us there, in my mind, is not nearly as important as what we're doing while we're a part of it and what we're getting out of it.

I haven't been at as many starting lines lately as I prefer and I aim to change that this summer.

See you at one.